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Nowadays, in this fast-paced world, we have very little time to take care of our body which causes various diseases in our bodies. One of them is hypertension, which is called hypertension and low blood pressure. Blood pressure helps 90% of the 100 people in the country. So today we are going to tell you about the measures of high blood pressure, so first let us tell you what low blood pressure is. Normal blood pressure is 120/80. A little up and down doesn't make a difference, but if it's below 90, it's called blood pressure and if it's above 130, it's called hypertension.

How to control high blood pressure |  what to eat in high blood pressure | askjoker
what to eat in high blood pressure | what to eat in high blood pressure

Symptoms of high blood pressure


Most people do not have any special characteristics. Some people may have headaches, increased stress, chest pain or heaviness, difficulty breathing, sudden nervousness, difficulty understanding or speaking, sudden numbness, tingling or weakness in the face or arms, or an increase in blood pressure to pass out.

Who can get high blood pressure?


Obesity - Research has shown that obesity is a major cause of high blood pressure. Obese people have a much higher risk of high blood pressure than the average person.

Lack of Exercise - Lack of participation in sports, exercise and physical activity also increases the risk of high blood pressure.

Various diseases like heart attack, heart disease, kidney failure, weakening of blood vessels etc. cause high blood pressure.

Eat more - Foods made from refined flour, sugar, spices, ghee, sweets, meat, tea, cigarettes and alcohol.

Age - As a person gets older, the walls of the blood vessels become weaker, which can lead to high blood pressure. In addition to these causes, too much salt and too much alcohol, smoking and coffee consumption can cause high blood pressure.

What to do to reduce / control high blood pressure


If no steps are taken to prevent high blood pressure, it will be a big mistake. We should take special care of our health from an early age. If we take good care of ourselves today, you will have a better life in the future.

Use of watermelon sometimes you thought that watermelon can also be useful in controlling our body's high blood pressure. Watermelon contains a mixture. It's called carnobacterium, which helps to expand the blood cells in our body. Due to which hypertension is gradually controlled. Watermelon has another advantage. It also improves our body's kidney function.

Control obesity - exercise regularly. High blood pressure can be controlled by getting a good night's sleep, staying stress-free and eating a healthy diet.

Garlic intake - Garlic can control blood pressure. Garlic is used not only to enhance the taste of food and drink but also according to the Ayurvedic use of garlic, one of them is hypertension, hypertension is a great way to control home remedies for garlic there is an advantage the nitric oxide and hydrogen in garlic that relaxes our blood vessels.

Eating ginger - Ginger is as good as onion and garlic. It also relaxes the muscles around the arteries, which lowers high blood pressure.

Fiber intake - Fiber cleanses your system and helps digestion control blood pressure regularly. Lots of fruits, nuts, and beans like beans and peas have a lot of fiber, like whole-grain products.

Use of fennel, cumin, sugar Make a powder by taking an equal amount of fennel, cumin, and sugar. Dissolve one tablespoon of the mixture in a glass of water and drink it morning and evening.

Celery intake - You can use celery with a glass of water daily. If you wish, you can eat celery two or three times a day. It will also benefit your high blood pressure.

Black pepper intake: When blood pressure rises, dissolve a tablespoon of pepper powder in half a glass of warm water and drink at 2-2-hour intervals.

Lemon intake - To control blood pressure quickly, squeeze half a lemon in half a glass of water and drink it every 2-2 hours.

Eating Amla and Honey-. Drinking one tablespoon of Indian black juice and the same amount of honey in the morning and evening is beneficial in high blood pressure.

Green grass - Walk barefoot on green grass for 10-15 minutes. Walking daily makes blood pressure normal.

What to eat in high blood pressure

Whole grains have health benefits. This is very useful in keeping your blood pressure normal. Many types of nutrients are found in whole grains, such as fiber, selenium, magnesium, and iron. Eat at least 85 grams of whole grains such as oats, wheat, brown rice, popcorn, and quinoa daily. This way you can get relief from the problem of blood pressure by joining your diet plan.

Watermelon is very useful in high blood pressure. Eating it lowers amino acid levels, which normalizes blood pressure levels. In addition, it contains lycopene and fiber, which helps prevent heart disease.

Flax seeds help reduce high BP levels. In addition, it protects against heart disease and lowers bad cholesterol levels.

Beetroot contains nitrate, which relaxes the blood vessels, thus improving blood flow in your body. High BP provides relief from high blood flow. According to a study conducted in the United States, beetroot lowers blood pressure by 5 points in a few hours.

Sunflower seeds contain a lot of nutrients, which help reduce high blood pressure. In addition, they are also useful in preventing heart disease.

Spinach contains a large amount of fiber. Potassium, in particular, is very beneficial in keeping blood pressure levels normal.

After the age of 30, everyone should have their blood pressure checked at least once a year. We should screen people with a family history of high blood pressure every year after the age of 20.