The Best way to Meditate Daily at Home for Beginner

Reducing stress can lead to Happy Life. Know about meditation and the five best practices used for meditation to reduce stress. Learn how to meditate in 5 simple steps. The most important benefits of meditation for the mind and body are as given.

The Best way to Meditate Daily at Home for Beginner
Meditation practice at home in early morning
The Best way to Meditate Daily at Home for Beginner
The Best way to Meditate Daily at Home for Beginner

Meditation is enlightening the eternal mind and increase concentration. Reducing stress has become a need of every person. To know about meditation and the best practices used for meditation. The benefits of meditation are crucial that helps you to live a Happy Life.


What is Meditation?


Meditation is the state where we sit in a lonely place (can be home) with closing eyes, and we are paying attention to every breath that we took in and out. In this, we learn to control the human mind; I always wander from one task to another. Eventually, it helps us increase our concentration and create a sense of calm and inner harmony.


These days, the Human mind is doing a lot of work continuously in his mind that gradually increases the stress level. Causes body and healthcare problems like high blood pressure, stress, depression, and anxiety, which leads to unpeaceful life. Due to all these things, meditation is popularly increasing.


For a new meditator, It is not so easy to keep his attention on every breath. In the first stage of meditation, you experience how quickly your mind gets caught by another task. Practicing meditation daily can help you to take control of your mind. The longer you can meditate for the stronger your mind becomes. The best place to do meditation is at home. But maintain Silence while Meditation.

Types of Meditation Practices

Meditation belongs to different religious teachings, which less relates to faith and more to increase consciousness, finding awareness, and achieving peace of mind.

Generally, we sit in a Straight position of the back for doing meditation, close our eyes, and start experiencing internal breathing. There is no exact way of meditation. Different peoples can use different practice technique that is suitable for them. But all of these end up on Focusing your mind.

The Five Best practices used in meditation are as follows:


1) Mindful Meditation

2) Spiritual Meditation

3) Focused Meditation

4) Yoga Meditation

5) Mantra Meditation


1)Mindful meditation:

Mindful meditation is originated many years ago in India. It is firstly seen in Vedas, a Sanskrit book of religious teaching in Hindusim. In this practice, the main goal is to focus on your thoughts as they come and go through your mind. You don't need to get involved with these thoughts. You just simply observe and analyze the patterns of thoughts in the beginner stage of meditation.


To complete the goal of Mindful Meditation, you need to control the mind from different thoughts that are coming into mind. Can be achieved by focusing on our in and out of breathing.


It is quite hard to concentrate on the breath in the beginning stage as many thoughts come and go through our minds. But managing to return your focus from any thought to breathing is the way to achieve meditation. It can be achieved by regular practice of Focusing.


Focusing Object - In and Out of Breath

Best For - Anyone


2)Spiritual Meditation Practice:

This type of meditation is used in Hinduism and the Christian faith. We also have seen the past generations using it in the form of Prayers. It can be achieved in silence.


In this, you reflect the silence from the outer space to your eternal mind space and seeks a deeper connection with God. The effectiveness of spiritual meditation can be increased by using Sandalwood and frankincense. This type of meditation can make you feel strong and peaceful in mind. It can also reduce stress in some amount.


As some of us are doing this from our younger age, it will be easy to practice as a beginner. As the main focus of the mind is on the Faith in God, This can be an effective method for those who have faith. It is useless for the unbelievers.


Focusing Object - Faith in God

Best For - Believers of God


3)Focused Meditation Practice:

We all have done this time of meditation once in our life knowingly or unknowingly. This type of meditation can be performed by focusing on any object like a lightning candle or counting mala of beads. This type of meditation involves the concentration of all the five senses of our body. The best example of Focused Meditation is Hypnotism.

This looks simple for beginners, but it can be hard to concentrate for the first time for longer than few minutes. In Focused Meditation, if your mind starts wandering through thoughts, It is important to return and try to refocus. It also requires regular practice to hold the power of controlling the thoughts in mind and focusing on the object.


Focusing Object - Any object like a lightening of Candle, Flow of Water, or Crystal ball used for Hypnotism

Best For - Anyone

4)Yoga Meditation Practice:

Yoga Meditation is also originated from Indian Hindusim Culture. It is mentioned in one of the 'Upnishad' called 'Rigveda.' It is a collection of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Practices. This can be performed in the form of different yoga practices.


In this type of meditation, all the focus is concentrated on our body in Yoga. All the five senses are used in Yoga meditation. Different yoga styles can be used to achieve this. The aim is to refocus your mind from different thoughts to Yoga.


It's a good practice for beginners. Silence and a lonely environment can help you to achieve the goal of Yoga meditation.


Focusing Object - Our Body Activities

Best For - Anyone having an interest in Yoga


5)Mantra Meditation Practice:

Mantra refers to a single or group of words in Sanskrit languages used for an utterance by practitioners to have religious, magical, and spiritual Powers. The very First mantra used is 'Om' (pronounced as 'Aum'). This helps most to keeps your mind Calm.


Mantra meditation can be performed by continuously focusing the mind on uttering the Magical Mantras and refocusing as the mind tries to wander with other thoughts. The focusing object in this method is the mantra.


This method helps to concentrate and generates peacefulness in mind. This practice can be done anytime, no matter where you are or what you are in the situation. It will help you to create peace in mind.


Focusing Object - Uttering of Mantra's

Best For - Anyone

How to do Meditation at Home :

There are quite five simple steps to do meditation at your home. Every Beginner should start meditation practices at home using the following steps:


  1. Set where you feel calm and quiet. (Sitting on the floor cross-legged can be the best way)
  2. Set a fixed time limit for meditation (for Beginner start from a short time and increase the time limit as you go)
  3. Close your eyes and start focusing on the body. Fell the In and Outs of Breath.
  4. Notice when your mind starts Wandering through different thoughts. As you notice it, Just come back to your focus.
  5. Finally, after the fixed limit of Time, Open your eyes and feel the eternal consciousness and the surrounding environment.


Best time to do Meditation at Home:

Usually, meditation is a practice that is effectively done in a silent environment. This goal can only be achieved in the morning or at night at home.

In the early morning, when we wake up, our body is in a state of refreshment, which can benefit us to focus. Also, the environment in the morning is refreshing and healthy. We can feel the fresh atmospheric air. So the best time for meditation practice is always early in the morning.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can help us in many forms. It has many benefits for our body and mind. The benefits of meditation can only be experienced by regular practice and developing a controlled state of mind for our thoughts. These can lead you to a happy life.


Benefits of Meditation to mind:

Meditation helps to decrease the stress of the mind and helps achieve the following related to mind:

  • Peace and calmness
  • Self-exploration and self-awareness
  • Increase the imaginary thinking power
  • Patience and tolerance
  • Reduce negative thinking
  • Increase willpower by controlling the mind

Benefits of Meditation to Physical Body and Health Problems:

The Benefits of Meditation on the physical body are not scientifically proved, but still, many scientists believe that it reduces the effect or worsening of illness due to stress. And thereby, manage the symptoms of conditions like :

  • Tension headache
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety

Conclusion :

 Hereafter knowing all the things related to meditation, one thing is very clear: in today's stressful life, meditation can be the only way to reduce stress and live a happy and joyful life. As we are born as a part of nature, we should feel the nature of our mind and body. This will helps us to achieve happiness. 

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