How to start Meditation

Everyone born in this world will die one day, and all thoughts, all desires, expectations, emotions, and everything that satisfies your ego will die with this body and brain; still, something will remain alive forever. Surprisingly, you spend all your life for this body, for its desires, for its well being, for satisfying its need, and Ignore something which is "you," and you do not know anything about it.

How to start Meditation
How to start meditation

          This life is temporary. All materialistic pleasures exist for a certain period, and death will snatch everything from you one day. That day you will feel like drowning in a dark well because your brain, which communicates with your senses, will turn to mud. Until we are healthy, we must get in touch with this power that remains alive even after our bodies have turned to ashes. The process of realizing and engaging with this power is called Meditation.

If you are Practicing Meditation and have problems controlling your thoughts, are you told that you need to control your thoughts to meditate? You might consider we working hard to become thoughtless, or you are told to concentrate on a point while you are meditating, but nothing is working, or you fell asleep instead, or you found it to be a boring process, you feel that Meditation is not your cup of tea. Dear readers, if you are passing through any of the above, then I should say that the procedure you are adopting is not working for you, and I recommend you adopt a simple but test-proven procedure. Meditation is a slow process that requires a lot of patience, and the path becomes a bit easy by adopting the "Cosmic Meditation" process. It's called cosmic Meditation because it involves transacting with cosmic energy and controlling other energy to give way to cosmic waves. There are many steps of "Cosmic Meditation," but I will just elaborate upon the basic 4 steps for the beginners here. These steps will make you dip yourself in the world of Meditation and are easy compared to overly complex "Tantric Meditation" techniques or transcendental Meditation. There may be several techniques to achieve the same goal, and most of them might be correct, but to date, I tried preaching this "Cosmic Meditation Technique" to many different types of people and, who all had a little patience and were willing to achieve it and were consistent in approach were 100 percent successful in attaining the primary stage of Meditation. This primary stage of Meditation is important because it is a basic stage, and you can go to other stages only if you've achieved this basic stage. Even the results of this technique are also particularly good for people living a normal family life. You don't need to leave your family life to achieve this state. It is found that people who practice Meditation by this process could self-heal themselves if they were suffering from any disease, their confidence increased, and stress was completely gone, and they became more successful in what they were already doing.

The only prerequisite is that you need to be away from non-vegetarian food, alcoholic beverages, and any other form of intoxicant. If you are consuming any of these, please leave them immediately.

Step 1. Sitting Posture –

          To balance your prana (Life Energy), you must try sitting in Padmasana (Lotus posture). I know it's complex for beginners, but try for 5 minutes and slowly increase the timing, and soon you will find that it will become an easy posture to sit in. Padmasana is important because it makes your vibrations move in a straight line, and without it, things will be a bit difficult. Some meditation teachers ask you to sit in the posture you like because they feel that you should at least develop a habit of sitting, but if your goal is the complete meditative state, you have to adapt to padmasana posture. Be slow but consistent, and soon you will find that what you felt was difficult will become the most comfortable posture.

Step 2. Breathing technique to Balance Prana- 

          First thing you need to do before starting Meditation is balancing your prana (the energy flow of your body). You try to notice a bit, and you will realize that you either breathe from the right or left nostril, you never breathe from both your nostrils together at the same time, this keeps on changing every time, but the hours we spend breathing from one nostril and from the other are not the same, some human beings breath more from the right and others more from left this tendency also has a huge impact on Individual personalities. People who breathe predominantly from the right side (Sun side or hot side) of the nostril are furious, while others who breathe predominantly from the left side are peaceful. More the imbalance, more adverse deviations in the personality. The reason behind this personality is because of Ladies this word Nadi means vibrations, or cosmic movement on the right and left side of the body these main vibrations have many subbranches also, these two Nadis are called Ida (Left Nadi or clod Nadi) and Pingla (Right Nadi or hot Nadi). There is one more Nadi which is called Shushubhna, which is at the center. Shushubhna Nadi is inactive in common male/female, but Yogis will have this main Nadi functional. At the initial phase, you should just concentrate and balance only left and right Vibrations. Now for Meditation, we need to balance both vibrations and accomplish that. Now sit in Padmasana posture without any back support and practice Nadi Shodhan Pranayama. To do this, use your right-hand thumb to block your right nostril breath in slowly from the left nostril but take a deep breath, don't breath fast, now block the left nostril by the middle finger and release the thumb, and breathe out slowly from the right, hold for few seconds and breath in from same right nostril hold for few seconds repeat the process and breath out from left. You have to breathe in from one nostril and breath out from the other, again breath in from the same nostril from which you breathe out and breath out from the other.

Continue this process for at least 10 minutes. If you are a beginner, 10 minutes will be sufficient; you can use an alarm, so initially practice two sets of 10 minutes with a difference of five to ten minutes between them and increase it to two sets of 45 minutes per set, be slow but keep on increasing timing the time gradually. Please don't rush because you have to do it regularly. Try doing it in the morning time before meals; if you are doing it in the evening, you will have to plan early light and leafy vegetable meal and do it after the gap of three hours.

After gradually increasing the timing up to 45 mats, two sets of "Nadi Shodhan Pranayama" means you are doing it for 90 minutes. Continue practicing it for 30 days. Once this 30-day cycle is complete, your prana will be balanced, and you will also find a significant and positive change in your personality and stress management. If you were suffering from any lung disease, that would also subside. Stress and irritation levels will go down, shaky hands problem reduces or rectified, blood pressure becomes normal, blood sugar fluctuations in diabetic patients are normalized, self-control and memory increase. But you must continue this practice and add step-3 to it. Going on step 3 doesn't mean that you have to stop doing step 2, yes, you can reduce the timing to 45 minutes one set, but you can stop step 2 and start step 3 because you are new to this practice, and once you leave it your body will reach to the same old position in some time and all your efforts will be wasted.

Step 3. Increase Cosmic Vibrations-

          At the early stage, we are using breathing processes to control cosmic vibrations in your body, and once the cosmic vibrations become dominant, then your body is controlled by these cosmic vibrations. These cosmic vibrations are something that never dies, even after your death, and people also call it a soul. After balancing these vibrations, we will try to increase the movement of these vibrations in our bodies. In any common person, these vibrations move with the rhythm of his/her breath, so we initially control them by making small changes in the same natural breathing process. Rehak means breathing out, and Poorak means breathing in; between this breathing cycle, a small gap where we are filled with the breath is called Kumbha. Now we have to do kumbhak- recheck kriya means fill your belly with air and keep it there till you can hold and when it becomes unbearable you breath out take few normal breaths now breath out forcefully throw out as much air as you can and hold this position where you have all the air blown out of your body, hold for as much time as you can and breath in normally. You will not die by holding your breath because body reflex will not allow you to hold it longer than your body capacity but try hard. Initially, practice this process 10 times at a stretch and slowly increase to 30 times but gradually and don't rush because it's not a muscle-building exercise, and highly desperate people will end up doing nothing. Increase slowly because the increase in cosmic vibrations can also increase your blood pressure, so in this practice, slow and steady will win the race. Overdoing this initially can also be dangerous as your brain might not tolerate so much energy rush, and you will start feeling a bit of giddiness. If you do it slowly, your body and brain will become habitual of this energy rush. If you have not completed steps one and 2, please do not try this because an unbalanced energy rise might not harm you but will not give any positive results. So, increase the numbers slowly, and if you miss a day, start again. On regularly doing, you can reach 30 times at a stretch in 60 days. For the next 30 days, don't increase the number of the cycle but increase your holding time.

Once you have continuously done steps 2 and 3 for 90 days, you are ready to move further.

Step 4- Root of thinking pattern-

           Now you have to continue with the above steps, and you also have to concentrate on your thinking pattern; by sitting quietly with your eyes closed, you have to understand and go to the depth of your thinking process, you will find a bunch of thoughts rising from your brain, don't ignore any thought but find the source of that thought. On doing so, you will slowly learn that these thoughts are rising from someplace in your chest. When you reach the source of these thoughts, you will find that this is the place which you call "you" your ego. But this is where the main source of illusion starts. This is not you, and you will not be able to find real "you" until this place becomes silent. To make this place silent, the only way is to catch a thought and reach its source, and as soon as you reach the source of thought, that thought will vanish. Catch another thought. Don't ignore any thought rising, and reach to the source slowly. Your understanding of the source will increase. The more you understand this source, and more it will become silent. On doing this regularly for 30 minutes and increasing the time, you will reach a stage where all your thoughts and the source of thoughts will close down automatically for some time, and you will start experiencing small to long periods of basic complete Meditation. The small periods where your brain will be completely thoughtless is a complex stage because what you think as yourself is gone and the thing which never sleeps, even when you are fast asleep. After Meditation, you will learn that even though what you think yourself to be got completely vanished, but still, something was there, and that something is the power that will never die. What you normally think to be yourself is actually the memory cluster, and this memory makes you everything. When you can reach this stage, where you reach beyond your memory cluster, it will be your first introduction to yourself. Surprised, isn't it, but, indeed, you are not what you think to be and what you cannot be explained by words. It can only be experienced. This stage will give you a new vision of life and existence; this stage, if continued, can connect you to Parmatma (The God), which is supreme Atma (The most powerful soul).

You are pure divine power, but you do not know about it, and everyone in this world should try to know himself/herself at least once before they are dead.