What is nettop? | Complete Detail | Computer Hope

To keep up with the times, you should be aware of all the new products that are coming on the market, even if you do not intend to buy them right now. However, who owns the information, who owns the world. Everything is already known about computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. But what the nettop is, is not yet fully revealed.

What is nettop? | Complete Detail | Computer Hope

The same word for the English word "nettop" - tracing paper formed from the basic parts of the words "internet" and "desktop". If you try to translate what you get, it will look like a desktop computer. In fact, it is a stable analog of netbooks.

Why not everyone knows that nettops are easy to contact. In our country, most technical novels do not come immediately. There are many reasons for this and it is pointless to understand them. Although this technology is not very popular with us, information about it is scattered, and sometimes confuses consumers. For example, many people identify nettops with mono blocks.

Monoblock is a stable PC scheme. In it, system units, monitors, microphones, speakers, and webcams are structurally integrated. Usually, the keyboard and mouse are selected separately. Actually, it is an LCD monitor, which has a system unit.

Then what is a network? It is a small personal computer, released by Atom during the announcement of the Atom processor. It has been speculated that this should be the processor

Be the basis of nettops. Initially, the network was created primarily to work with Internet applications.

If very simple, a network can be called a small system unit. Attaching to the back of the monitor, hanging on the wall, etc. (For which it is easy). That is, a separate compact device works exclusively on the network.

To understand what a nettop is, recall the ASUS Eee Box or Acer AspireRevo. They are a common example of such computers.

The basis of this technique is a processor energy efficient micro-architecture (in other words, energy saving). It could be Intel Silver, Intel Atom, VIA C7 or VIA Nano. The main processor can be single or dual core (1.2-1.6 GHz). Hard disk is designed for 80–500 GB. Video and sound card are connected, there is a DVD drive, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB port.

If you are interested in what the network has put together in Russia, you might want to check out ARUTEK MediaBox, Axiom PC Micro, Wexler Vision, and more. In addition to the various network services and work on the Internet, the power of the amateur network is considerable

Boots with pictures, listening to music, watching videos and ignoring (fairly easy) games. However, the latest models are already equipped with chip sets, built-in graphics that allow you to watch movies in full HD format. There is already a game nettop Alienware X51. But of course such models are expensive.

Nettops are now based not only on the Intel Atom processor. The buyer can choose the processor at his discretion. Today, they are increasingly being purchased for use as home servers.

What is the net top as a user convenience? It has compactness, minimal wiring, lightweight, aesthetics, and ease of installation. Network performance is certainly lower than traditional PCs, but this is due to their small size and low power consumption.