most powerful computer in the world - powerful machines

In the minds of most users, the most powerful Best computers are those that support a large number of programs and games. There is a grain of reality in it, but do not forget about the big government businesses, where powerful calculators are no less important. This is about the most productive equipment on the planet, which will be discussed later. It should be emphasized that the most powerful computers are divided into two main types: custom working machines and calculators, which have industrial and state purposes.

most powerful computer in the world -  powerful machines
most powerful computer in the world

Custom device

The most important of these are the components and the operating system. To date, the most powerful Best computers in this category could include three Intel Zune E5 servers, four video cards, GeForce Titan, and other advanced elements such as quad-core processors. It is likely that such a unit will occupy a lot of space and occupy very quickly. The Mac Pro 2013 is now considered the most powerful of all the machines in the region. The speed of information transfer through this machine consisting of Pro is just impressive: 60 gigabytes per second. According to the developers, this is mainly due to the inherent high-strength SSD. Despite the fact that the device falls into the category of user unless it is used exclusively for commercial purposes.

Calculator machines

Many people are interested in this question. Computers are the most powerful on our planet. By the end of 2013, Chinese engineers, called Tianhe-2, recognized it as a whole. Computers include three million computing courses. Because of this, it is capable of performing approximately 33 quadrillion operations per second. Inside the machine, 32,000 Intel Zion processors and 48,000 co-processors are working together to help them. Thanks to a technology called "TN Express-2", all the processing cores are working together. For memory, the volume in this computer is one petabyte. According to the developers, this performance is achieved with "extremely parallel" models used by the older processors.

Initially, it was planned that the car would be launched in 2015, but the enthusiasm of the engineers worked long before that. Currently, the most powerful computer of 2013, located at the National Chinese University of Defense Technology, will be repeatedly tested in the event of climate change, explosions and other large-scale catastrophes.

Other powerful machines

According to the latest official rankings, researchers have identified the 500 most productive installations on the planet. Analyzing these figures, you can see that 253 of them work and they are in the US, and 65 - in China. Another interesting feature is that most powerful computers use Intel chips in 80% of cases. The company HP made 189 machines from the list, and IBM made 160 advances. If you look at the top ten leaders, 4 systems belong to IBM.