Most powerful computer (PC) for the gaming | SPECIFICATIONS | MANUFACTURER

The Most powerful gaming industry is opening up in the modern world and it is smelling. Instead of advancing space technology, mankind has been completely immersed in toys, and Best computers for gaming are being significantly improved in this direction. What should a powerful Best computers look like to run all modern games? Let us try to understand this using data on application requirements for 2015-2016. Take, for example, Strategy Xcom 2, Tom Cleanse's Shooter: Division, and the best-selling GTAV. So, what should powerful Best computers look like?

Most powerful computer (PC)  for the gaming | SPECIFICATIONS | MANUFACTURER
Most powerful computer (PC) for the gaming

How to choose the operating system


We have not started in vain from this point of view. On the one hand, it is quite clear that the games released in 2016 should only work on the latest operating systems. Now they are Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. In addition, it is urging licensed G8 users to upgrade to the tenth version. In practice, the "seven" Best computer consumes many resources. Even the most powerful Best computer for sports in the world will suffer when it is forced to give the operating system approximately GB 2.5 GB of RAM, considering only the antivirus and many other minors, but most important features. 

The tenth version of the popular OS requires more Best computer resources. Thus, when reading the requirements of the game, do not forget to include the system that goes to maintain the system.

Operative memory


By reading reviews of different games, you can often complete comments in which players say: Even if the system fully complies with the requirements, the game still slows down. We already know that such issues can be linked to a loss of resources on the OS. However, that does not always happen.

For example, GTA v. Recommended requirements are clearly written - 8 GB RAM. However, FPS is reduced to 50% of players. Of course, it can be connected to both the processor and the video card. However, as an exercise, the biggest effect is an increase in memory size up to 16 GB. This site, although it will not be high end, however, will allow you to play the most desirable toys on your machine without any hassle.


This is the most confusing computer parameter. On the one hand, this device can be accelerated at a higher rate; on the other hand, it has been observed that despite the complete variation of this parameter, the game can be started at higher settings.

The recommended requirements for all modern applications are quad-core processors. For example, "Division" requests the i7-3770 with 3.4 MHz, and the Xcom 2 - any other model with the same frequency and core. Of course, the computing power of the computer plays an important role, so, to buy a Best computer with a margin for the future, you should pay attention to the processor with a number of cores from six, the truth is, it is 4 times more. Will get expensive For information from the above: The six-core i7-4960X processor costs about 90,000 rubles, while the i7-3770-25000.

Video card

Graphics cards are the basic component of any modern computer. First, the central character is played not by the volume of its memory, as many believe, but by the frequency of the clock. For a game, any powerful Best computer must have a video card that not only processes the graphic component but also supports all the latest technology for data processing. In this case, a large amount of memory is just a pleasant bonus. Of the three games we are considering, the requirements have been reduced to GeForce GTX 660, 770 and 970 video cards. In general, these models are not very different from each other. If you are building a powerful PC, the old GTX 660 may work well, enough to play most games in high settings. However, for those who want to get the most out of it, it is best to choose something new.

There is no limit. Many models from different manufacturers allow you to choose the best option. Most choices are made between the number of computational processors and the frequency of video memory. If you are an experienced computer programmer, it is better to prefer a large number of processors, as the frequency always adjusts to large values.


Along with this

Separately, let us talk about secondary goods. First, if you are building a powerful PC, check that the future will use "miracle" energy, and buy the right power supply. If it does not provide enough power, not all of your equipment will work, as it should. Also, buy a large hard drive. Nowadays, a terabyte is just "junk" that stores the amount of multimedia content in a user's computer. However, sports take 50-60 gigabytes. Therefore, you only need to select the size of the train, but you should not take less than 2 TB.

Much more

Now let us talk about any gamer's dream. How to find the most expensive and most powerful Best computer? In either case, the "price quality" parameters are directly proportional to each other. Therefore, the most powerful PC will be the most expensive.

For example, consider a hyper-gaming Best computer. Cosmos X It uses an eight-core i7-5960X processor with a frequency of 3 MHz. DDR4 format RAM is 64 GB (8 strips of 8 gigabytes). Four cards are used as video cards: GeForce GTX TITAN X with 12 GB video memory at a frequency of 7000 MHz. The total disk volume is estimated at 10 TB. To "feed" them all, a 1500W power supply unit has been installed. In addition, this "miracle" costs about 900 thousand rubles. However, if you remove three additional graphics cards, reducing the amount of RAM in two times, the cost will drop almost twice as fast. Also, the latest games will not reduce performance per unit. However, of course, these assemblies are selling very successfully.