How to transfer money from Kiwi to your phone? - Mobile app

Electronic money (or electronic payment) is becoming increasingly popular because it is so fast and efficient. For these purposes, you can use "Kiwi" -Money, which is used in the popular and popular payment system "Kiwi". More recently, the system has merged with the world-famous Visa Payment System and is known as the Visa QVI Wallet. Now it has visa-equal opportunities, and with it, you can pay for goods anywhere in the world. Besides these features, this system allows you to funds transfer money to a simple mobile phone. Consider transferring money from "Kiwi" to the phone. In addition to money transfer from Kiwi over the phone, this system provides many opportunities. How to transfer money from QV to phone

How to transfer money from Kiwi to your phone?  - Mobile app

How to transfer money from Kiwi to your Mobile app?

To transfer, you need to know the cellular number to which the money will be transferred. It is possible to transfer money to any registered user as well as unregistered users in the system.

Cash is transferred immediately; the system sends an SMS message to the recipient. If a person is not registered in the system, the money will be available to him immediately after registration.

  • To transfer you, you need to take some simple steps.
  • Provider must choose "QV Wallet".
  • Enter the mobile recipient number in the system.

Enter the required amount and pay the transfer from your balance (or pay the transfer in cash).

Money can be transferred from your account using an interface that is convenient for you. You must log in or register with the system to receive the money.

Transfer money over the phone using a "Kiwi" bank card


If there is not enough money in the QV account for recruitment, you can make a mobile payment using a bank card for these purposes. It must. Should connect to the system, to do so, after logging in, go to your personal account and click the "Register" button, then select the desired bank and click "Register". Then you have to fill in the following fields:

  • You must enter your first and last name.
  • Please enter the card number.
  • Enter the year and month when the bank card expires.
  • The system allows only bank cards with CVC2 or CVV2 code on the back for registration.

How to transfer money from phone to Kiwi?

This system also allows for reverse operation. It has just done. Once allowed in your personal account, you must select a function called "Add". After that, many tabs will open. Link to "Cellular Communications" or select a specific operator. Next, enter the cell number and the amount needed for the funds transfer money almost immediately.


Therefore, in this article, we have seen how to transfer money from QV to phone. By registering with this system, you can access QV Wallet and instantly replenish your friend's and relatives' mobile phone balances. This system allows you to work quickly and easily with the help of virtual and plastic cards and it is easy to make money from the balance of the wallet.