How to protect your computer from viruses | What is a computer virus? | askjoker

Some time ago people did not know about computers, but with the changing times people also changed and their thinking also changed and they started becoming aware of computers, with the changing times, computers to this extent It has been used that today is called the age of computers. In today's world, computers have become an important part of a person's life, the total number of computers has increased in almost every computer, if you reduce it in the office, the computer is also used, the train ticket is also computer Is available from and bookings are even higher, AC where the computer is mostly used, but as the use of computers is increasing, so is the problems in computers. The biggest problem is caused by a virus caused by a computer.

How to protect your computer from viruses | What is a computer virus? | askjoker
How to protect your computer from viruses

What is a computer virus?

Just as a person has a high fever which makes that person sick and has a negative effect on that person's immune system, so too do computer programs affect the work of the computer. And it is designed to impair the activity of the computer in a wrong way that disrupts the work of the computer, we call it a virus. It's like any other program; it's a program that copies itself. And through it spreads from one computer to another.

Where do viruses come from?

Most viruses that are spread are often transmitted through mediums such as pen drives, data cards, which are widely used in various computers. And nowadays everyone knows how to use the internet. Most people go online using the internet and downloading from the internet, switching files, etc. if you don't take care of all this work. So the computer gets infected with a dirty virus. So that the computer files do strange things and can corrupt the computer. A virus makes a strange message or pop-up on your computer. Or it may damage your computer's operating system.

How to secure your computer

If you use Windows XP So you always have to turn on the firewall.

Always run all necessary and service packs (all Windows including all your programs and software - keep them updated). (Protect your computer from viruses)


Run your antivirus daily. And don't always use free antivirus, because free antivirus doesn't work much in just one computer.

Run your computer anti-spyware / adware once a week, So that the speed of your computer works correctly.

Turn on the popup blocker on your computer. This will prevent ads or fake messages from reaching your computer. This feature is only visible on computers like Windows XP. And if you want, you can also download another popup blocker with it.

When using the Messenger service, beware of files sent by Messenger. Most email services have a virus check. Which means whether or not there is a virus in the file = be very careful when downloading any program from files or the Internet, pay attention to the instructions when downloading. Downloads can sometimes cause a malfunction in the system registry or the entire computer system. (Protect your computer from viruses)

Never open emails that are suspicious of you or you don't know if they are in your bulk mail. So you can send this message back to your provider. By clicking on these messages, you will be taken to another website, where you will need to fill in the information. So you get annoyed by clicking on this website. Similarly, hackers take your information.

Run the defragmentation used to clean the disk. You can easily view it in your computer's C: / drive. To view it, you need to click on C: / drive> click on Properties> click on Tools> click on Defragment.

Avoid files from floppy disks or any external memory when you open it in your CD-ROM floppy drive. You should know the source, or better, when you insert it, you have to scan with the anti-virus program before opening the file.