How to create a landing page? - What is a landing page?

It's no secret that one of the methods of fighting is advertising. It may have the most diverse expression, but the real goal is always the same the audience's attention. Recently, so-called Best landing pages have been used extensively to attract users to the Internet and to convert users, users, consumers, and other groups or loyal customers of the company into products. This type of online advertising is very effective and is often a key factor in gaining the trust of a large audience. In this article, we will talk in detail about the free landing page, how it works, and what you need to know to create a successful free landing page.

How to create a landing page? - What is a landing page?
How to create a landing page? - What is a landing page?


Landing Page: The concept and reason for its creation

Of course, you have seen this trend repeatedly. Little did you know that you were effectively dealing with a hidden ad product? However, after reading the article, it will not be difficult for you to identify it. So, what is a landing page? The term is derived from the English free landing page and translates to "inbound / target or sales page". This web page contains important information about a product or lead pages pricing service and is used to increase the effectiveness of the ad and the audience. It is easy to get through an internet-advertising banner or a link in a search query. Often, free landing page transfers are made from various advertising companies to email newsletters, social media, and search engines.

  • The reasons for creating a landing page are obvious. They can be divided into three groups.
  • Encourage users to subscribe to the newsletter or register on the site easily.
  • Click to download or install any software.
  • Sell ​​a specific product in terms of promotions, sales, etc.

If you summarize the above reasons, you can set a goal like a landing page: to convert a normal visitor into a buyer/customer and to take any special action I must encourage the landing page to have a Works great


Landing Page Rating: Views and Types


We know what a landing page is and why it is needed. However, it is important to know more about it. There are many options for creating a landing page.

  • Landing page type
  • Let's look at the most popular types:
  • Main site
  • Microsite;
  • Autonomous

Some companies allocate multiple pages of their main site to create landing pages. This is the implementation, but in most cases, it is ineffective. The design of this site is due to the large number of navigation elements, which distract the user from the ad page.

In this case, it would be more efficient to have a separate micro site with three to five ad pages. These include, at the very least, information about the product/service (essential only), many beautiful pictures, video clips. Large companies for advertising campaigns commonly use a micro site.

The most popular type of landing page is the offline-landing page. It is also called CTR-landing. Is this a massive advertising offer, the main task of which is to persuade the user to take action now? Pre-click through rate means click ability (the ratio of the number of people pointing to this page through the banner to the number of hits). Its main features emphasize simple design, sloganeering, the advantages of this offer, big buttons, countdown timer. This page is considered an effective way to attract users.

Landing page type

There are several main types of landing pages. This is the place:

  • Viral;
  • title page;

The viral landing page does not have a clear ad Here it disguises itself as an article, video, or game, while the company logo is usually located somewhere in the corner/aspect and necessarily "works". In this case, the user habitually acquires influence for interactive entertainment, resulting in subconscious confidence in the company/brand.

The homepage is commonly used Marketing Research This helps to gather information about the target user of the product/service through tools such as questionnaires. Then, based on the data obtained, an effective proposal is made.

The ad-landing page is an aggressive form of influencing visitors. It contains a large amount of graphics, textual information, and video content. Instruct to mobilize for action through a powerful series of information effects.

Landing construction: basic rules


Before talking directly about creating a landing page, you need to understand what a landing page is from a different perspective. Here you can select at least three sides:

  • Technical - A web page that includes various elements (HTML, CSS, texts, graphics, video).
  • Business A page that clicks on visitors to make a profit (purchase / purchase) for a particular process.
  • User - The page on which he found the link through a search engine / another site / banner.

By looking at all these aspects of the landing page, you can develop the basic criteria by which a Best landing page can be created And the first call to action, or call to action. In order for this to work, you must follow the following principles:

  • Be clear - clearly tell the user what he has to do and what he will get as a result.
  • Limit the number of calls - less of them, as soon as the visitor takes action.
  • Having extra information to store - this becomes the final deciding factor in the final decision.
  • Use buttons - show them one-click commissions and encourage them.
  • However, before viewing the call, the user must stay on the page. And for that you need to use the correct header. They must meet the following requirements.
  • Be simple and concise;
  • Be attractive in terms of design (layout, fonts);
  • Be relevant, add relevant words.

It is also important that the page itself is pleasant, pleasant and understandable to the user. To do this, it should be as simple and easy as possible but should draw attention. It must comply with:

  • All elements of the landing page must be acted upon.
  • There must be a key call to follow a landing page.
  • There should be a lot of "air" (space) on this page itself.
  • The element must be in clear logical order.
  • Graphic elements should be used to guide the eye.
  • It is important to distinguish parts of the page with contrasting colors.

In addition, many additional techniques make the page more efficient. If it's not a template for action, what is a landing page? In addition, now, it can be banned. Due to lack of time, product, etc., to create a sense of urgency, enter the rest of the page count timer until the end of the discount or the number of items available.

Another important issue is to satisfy the user with complete safety and reliability during any operation. To do this, post pages from well-known web services on a social page (e.g., a number of likes on VK or Facebook), do not use fake reviews and orders, and set a trust element ahead of the call process ۔