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Nowadays mobile phone has become an important part of our life, whoever runs a smartphone, if their smartphone is removed from them for a while, then the person can be seen suffering. Everyone carries a smartphone with them wherever they spend most of their time at the office, college, party, school, or home. But the importance of this heartbreaking smartphone lasts for a long time until the battery of this smartphone runs out of battery, the smartphone is nothing but a box, for that, we first This ensures that the battery does not drain into our smartphone quickly.

How to Extend battery life of mobile phone | askjoker
How to Extend battery life of mobile phone | askjoker

Until a few years ago, when the battery of smart phones ran out, the trend of smartphones was not so much, because at that time only keypad phones had access to people, and keypad phones did not have as many functions, which is more battery Can use. But as soon as the smartphone replaced the keypad phone, the problem of battery backup has increased since then, and especially if your smartphone is of Android operating system then there is more problem of battery backup because The Android operating system gives you a lot of features and obviously, a smartphone that has more features and is running at the same time will have the problem of battery backup. In such a situation, the user has to repeatedly charge his smartphone at home or office, or if he has to stay out all day, then he also has to carry a mobile charger.

In view of all these worries, today we are going to tell you how you can increase the battery backup of your smartphone and also make sure that the battery of your smartphone does not dry out quickly.


How to extend mobile battery life


Take care of the temperature: - Using a battery at high temperatures can be more annoying than cycling it. Using the phone at high temperatures reduces the battery life of the phone. We must always keep in mind that the temperature is less than 30 degrees Celsius.

Charging time: Always keep in mind the time to charge the smartphone battery, never completely disconnect your smartphone, when a few percents of the battery is left, to increase the battery backup Recharge the battery at the same time. It is also important not to fully charge the smartphone battery. Taking care of both of these things increases the battery life of your smartphone.

Use flight mode: If you are in a place where there is no network, you should switch to flight mode. In such a place, your phone repeatedly searches for the network which has a bad effect on the battery.

Display brightness level: - Smartphone battery costs the highest brightness level, nowadays every smartphone has the feature to control the brightness level automatically, but the automatic brightness level of your smartphone Reduces battery life, as the automatic brightness level gets too much for the smartphone so that your smartphone's battery drains faster. For this, never maintain an automatic brightness level; always decide the brightness level according to your use. Do not allow your phone.

Turn on low-power mode: - Not all phones have battery saved. If your phone uses Android 5.0 or later, then it is more likely to have a battery saver. This keeps track of your phone's background app and location, saving battery life.

Leave RAM memory empty: - When we use a smartphone, we use a smartphone that runs simultaneously on many applications Windows, but even when we are not using it, all these applications The caching keeps your smartphone running in the background, so one problem is that your smartphone slows down, and the other is that your smartphone's battery costs more, which causes the battery to discharge faster. Yes, for this reason, whenever you are running in the background that you want to stop using, close all applications.

Turn off the wireless feature: - When Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Auto-Sync, and GPS are running, the smartphone battery consumes the most, even when you don't need to use these features. This is a great way to save phone battery, turn it off whenever you are not using your smartphone or you are not using these features.

It is better to charge a little than a full charge: charge the phone 100% and then 0% is not correct. By charging the phone 100%, the phone goes under high pressure, which affects the cycling of the battery. We should keep the battery of the phone between 30-80% at most.

Don't talk in low signal: - Always keep in mind what percentage of telecom operator signal is coming from your smartphone, always avoid talking on smartphone in low signal and use internet data, because when Even if the signal from the telecom operator is low, then your smartphone starts looking for this signal so that the battery of your smartphone starts running quickly. Whenever you don't want to use phone or internet data, keep your smartphone in airplane mode so that your battery lasts longer.


Stop Location Tracking: - A recent report claims that the Facebook app will drain your battery soon. Because it repeatedly traces the user's location using the GPS module. In that case, tracking the location of apps that don't require your location will definitely help.