Body Building Jobs and Career scope, Advice

The Best Career Bodybuilding - Do You Want To Have A Bodybuilding Career? Bodybuilding makes a career, do you want information about it? If you are thinking of making a career in bodybuilding or fitness sector, we will tell you in detail about a career in this field. Which will be beneficial for your career?

Body Building Jobs and Career scope, Advice
How to Body Building a successful and career | askjoker
Body Building Jobs and Career scope, Advice

Can bodybuilding be a career? | Bodybuilding as a career

Bodybuilding or fitness training is the best career option after 12th or graduation. If you also have a passion for the field, you can make a good career in this field with your body.

Admission to bodybuilding can be done after twelfth or after graduation. After 10 + 2, you can do Physical Education (BPED) and Master of Physical Education courses after graduation. Many state and central universities have offered these courses. In which we get admission only after qualifying in the entrance exam. Although admission is also available in some colleges, good institutions admit only after passing the entrance examination.

If you do not want a bachelor's or master's degree in physical education, you can enroll in a diploma or certificate in a short-term course, such as bodybuilding or fitness training, after twelfth grade. These courses can be from 3 months, 6 months to 1 year. Fees for these courses range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000.

Best Career Scope in Body Building

If you have a passion for bodybuilding and you want to adopt this hobby as a job, then Body Building is a great option for you because today there are plenty of career opportunities in this field. Earlier people were not so crazy about fitness, but today every youth wants to be entitled to a good body. They also spend thousands of rupees for this. Due to which there has been a lot of demand for fitness trainers.

A few years ago you used to see only one or two gym centers in cities, but now you have good gym centers opened in every street. Yet today there is a huge shortage of good fitness centers. Many such fitness centers are running where there are not even good trainers. From this, you can guess that there is still a shortage of expert people in this field. You can take advantage of this shortage and make a Bright Career in this sector.

The younger generation follows the actors, they want to build a body like these stars. Not only this, but many boys also want to build a body and stay fit to attract girls. Because of all these reasons, there are good opportunities for experts in this sector.

Apart from the fitness center, there are brilliant opportunities for fitness and bodybuilder experts in gyms, health clubs, and sports hostels, etc. You can also make a place in the same Sports Authority of India and the Athletics Training Program. Apart from that, you can also work as a personal fitness trainer. At present, many rich and big families have personal fitness trainers. Many young people join a gym or fitness center to take part in the Body Building Competition. Thus, there are immense employment opportunities in this sector.

Fitness trainer job

Besides keeping clients physically fit, the work of a fitness trainer is usually determined by occupation, lifestyle, age of exercise, and diet. To enter this field, you need to have excellent communication skills, good stamina, and intrapersonal skills.

Career courses in bodybuilding

  • Diploma Fitness Training
  • Diploma in Fitness Management and Training
  • Bachelor in Physical Education
  • Master in Physical Education
  • Certificate in Fitness Management
  • Certificate in personal training
  • Diploma in personal training

Body Building in Specialization

In the field of fitness training, you can also specialize in any one field like- Skybo, Aerobics, Cattle Bell, Boot Camp, Bokwa, Yoga, BRX, Power, Zumba, etc.
In this field, you can get an initial salary from 15 to 20 thousand. If you have excellent skills, you can also get more salary. With experience, the salary also increases.

Bodybuilders and fitness trainers who fall in the gold category get a salary of around 30 to 50 thousand. Fitness trainers falling in the same platinum category can get 80 to 1 lakh or more.

Best College for Fitness Training Institute

  • Banaras Hindu University, Banaras
  • Delhi University
  • Allahabad University
  • Golds Gym Fitness Institute, Delhi and Mumbai
  • K 11 School of Fitness Science, Delhi
  • National Institute for Fitness Studies, Kolkata
  • Tulip Fitness Institute, Mumbai
  • GFFI Fitness Academy, Delhi
  • Indira Gandhi Institute for Physical Education and Sports Science, Delhi
    Netaji Subhash National Sports Institute, Patiala Laxmibai National Physical Institute,
  • Gwalior NS Eastern Center, Salt Lake, Kolkata