How does "Kiwi" translate into Dollars? - ELECTRONIC WALLETS

We not only allow modern Internet capabilities to search for information and communication on the web, but also pay. There are many best electronic wallet available on the Internet to buy things or pay for utilities. Cuvee is the most famous. Many clients, especially those who have recently started using the system, have questions about how to convert the ruble into dollars into kiwis.

How does "Kiwi" translate into Dollars? - ELECTRONIC WALLETS
How does "Kiwi" translate into Dollars? - ELECTRONIC WALLETS

The ruble to the dollar in the Kiwi

Rubles in dollars, answering the question "How to translate in Cuvee ? ", You have to explain how to enter your electronic wallet. This is done by visiting the payment system's website, which has many users around the world and entering data in the appropriate fields. The columns (at the top of the page) are Phone number and "Password"). After entering this data, you will be logged into the personal account.

Now go directly to Money Conversion. To do this, you need to change the central account currency. This process is the answer to the question: how to convert the rubles into dollars on the "kiwi"? Change the currency by clicking on the triangular icon, which is present with the wallet balance statistics. In the list that appears, you need to change the currency of the central account. This process working with accounts has been clicked on Item.

In the new window, you should make important assignments. To do so, simply select the dollar account and click the "Transfer" button. After pressing the button, two fields will appear: first, you should indicate the amount equal to the dollar; second, the ruble amount will be displayed according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

A confirmation window will appear on the screen. We will display all the information about the change of money in Kiwi Vault with the confirmation button. After clicking the button, a system message appears indicating the success of the operation. After a few minutes, the ruble will turn into the dollar.

How to convert dollar to ruble on "kiwi"?


The features of the electronic payment system allow you to not only convert rubles into dollars but also vice versa. How to transfer Ruby in QV dollars? The process is the same: first, you need to login, select the dollar and ruble account, enter the required amount in dollars, and confirm the data for transfer.

After performing this process, a system window will appear with information about the success of the currency conversion. In addition, within minutes, the dollar will be converted into a ruble in a QV account.

Benefits of Domestic Currency Conversion Qiwi


Many Kiwi users wonder: "How to convert rubles into dollars without commissions?" The answer to this question is that Kiwi is one of the few electronic payment systems in which currency exchanges are not subject to commission. In addition, the process of converting a ruble into a dollar and a ruble into a dollar takes only a few minutes. These benefits play an important role in the financial activities of merchants and international shoppers.

It is necessary to convert dollars into rubles to make purchases at home online stores or to save in currency exchanges. It should be noted that during offline exchanges, exchange offices receive a commission for their services. Transfer to Qiwi electronic Wallet is commission-free, which is attracted to the payment system.


Kiwi electronic payment system is one of the most popular in the world. This is not surprising. In fact, there are many benefits to using it to save money. There are savings when you withdraw money from one bank and a very small percentage when money is transferred from one currency to another.

To this day, the electronic wallet "Kiwi" is enjoyed by many people. The emergence of new subscribers to this payment system adds to the daily list of customer "quizzes". Of course, the beginners are quite logical. Q: How to convert dollar to ruble in Kiwi? Verbatim answer" level. "The transition process takes a few minutes, but the lack of commission for conversions makes Kiwi the most profitable EPS in the world.