Gunjan Saxena Full Movie Review 2020 | Janhvi Kapoor | Pankaj Tripathi | Vineet Kumar Singh

Story The film is based on the incredible life of former Indian Air Force pilot Ganjan Saxena. The story highlights the gender distinction between Ganjan Saxena (Jhanvi Kapoor) struggle and bravery. Ganjan Saxena, popularly known as Kargil Girl, was awarded the Shuria Veer Award in 1999 for her exemplary bravery during the Kargil War.

Gunjan Saxena Full Movie Review 2020 | Janhvi Kapoor | Pankaj Tripathi  | Vineet Kumar Singh
Gunjan Saxena Full Movie Review 2020

Gunjan Saxena Full Movie Review 

Conservative ideas about society, boy and girl, have been running like a mountain for centuries. There are a lot of jobs that are already considered to be ahead of men. When women step into these areas, there are numerous attempts to flutter their wings. It is not uncommon for women to experience sexuality, no matter how perfect they may be. Female athletes are often asked which male athlete they like. Can women perform amazingly well in sports like sports? These and all such things happen.

Ganjan Saxena, a resident of Lucknow, broke a similar misconception in the 1990s. She became a pilot in the Indian Air Force. She did this when feminism was not so prevalent. For the first time in 2016, we commissioned a female fighter pilot into the Air Force. This had never happened before. The road was paved by Flood Lieutenants Ganjan Saxena and Sri Vidya Ranjan. In 1999, Ganjan, a former helicopter pilot, set out to become the first female fighter at the age of 24 to fly a cheetah helicopter in a war zone in Kargil. They were assigned tasks such as locating enemy hideouts, providing food and medical evacuations.

In the film, Pankaj Tripathi is playing the role of Ganjan's father. The story of Ganjan, who belongs to an Army family, is also worth seeing because there was never any discrimination in this family. Her dreams never tried to stop her from flying. Ganjan had to fly a plane since he was a child and he did it. The retired father of the army equated Ganjan with his son. I supported him every moment.

Sharan Sharma has stepped into the film industry as a director. He has sincerely portrayed gender inequality on screen. He has used discrimination against the dense in the military not as exploitation but as the beginning of a debate. Although the film fills you with patriotism and pride, at the heart of the story is the father-daughter relationship. Jahnavi has done full justice to his character. She fits this role according to her age. Vineet Singh is in the role of Wing Commander. On one side of the film are Angad Bedi and Vineet and on the other side are Jahnavi. Everyone has made it memorable.

In this nearly two-hour film, Sharan Sharma showed us what he wanted to show us. They do not hide the dense in the film, but bring their bravery to the fore. Kargil is an integral part of the story of the war film and during this time pilot training, helicopter story, battle scenes, the director has a lot to show and Sharan Sharma has done 2 hours' full work. The film stars American aerial coordinator Mark Wolf. Mark has done this before for series like Mission Impossible and Star Wars.

Well, above all, 'Ganjan Saxena: The Cargill Girl' is the story of a feminist father and his brave daughter. He fought against idealism and discrimination. Deal with it in the 1999 era and explains how dangerous it is to make progress.

Gunjan Saxena Movie

Actor:Janhvi Kapoor , Pankaj Tripathi , Angad Bedi , Vineet Kumar Singh , Manav Vij 
Director : Sharan Sharma
Release Date:Thu Aug 27 2020
Period:1 Hrs 52 Min
category:Biopic, Drama