Dil Bechara Full Movie Review | Poor heart Hindi Movie | Sushant Singh Rajput's Dil Dil Poorcha

The accidental death of Sushant Singh Rajput made everyone's eyes water. Its admirers are still unable in order to this truth. Just 40 days after Sushant's death, his last film Dil Bechara was released today on Disney + Hot Star. Because this is Sushant's last film, should always connect people's emotions this. So Disney + Hot Star also made Sushant's film Dil Bechara available to everyone for free. Let's find out how heartbreaking Sushant's last film is definitely. 

Dil Bechara Full Movie Review | Poor heart Hindi Movie | Sushant Singh Rajput's Dil Dil Poorcha
Dil Bechara Sushant Singh Full Movie Review

Actors: Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjana Sanghi, Swastika Mukherjee, Sashwata Chatterjee
Director : Mukesh Chhabra
category: Hindi, Romance, Drama
Release Date:Thu Jul 23 2020
Period:1 Hrs 51 Min

Poor Heart is the craze of two sick teenage boys who are in their final stages. Kizi Basu (Sanjana Sanghi) moved to Jamshedpur from Zambia along with her parents (Susuta Chatterjee and Sostika Mukherjee). Kizi has thyroid cancer, so she always has to carry an oxygen cylinder along with her and wear a pipe around her nose that connects to the tube. One day in his college, he met Mani (Sushant Singh Rajput). But on their first meeting, Mani was seen to be arrogant and useless. ; however , one day he found that Mani was also suffering from cancer (osteosarcoma) which caused him unique one of his legs amputated. But still, Kizi is happily living his life. Kizi and Mani meet after that. Meanwhile, Kizi told Mani he or she would get the album "Abhimanyu Veer" (Saif Ali Khan). Much like But her album is incomplete, something that bothers Kizi. That's why she for you to meet Abhimanyu. Mani knows that it is very of importance to Kizi to meet Abimenio, so he still gets Manu's email and address from somewhere and prepares to take Kizi to Paris to meet your ex-boyfriend. Kizi, his mother and Mani all pay a visit to Paris where they meet Abhimanyu. After that, known as next is revealed after watching the next movie. 

Dil Bechara is the official Hindi remake of the 2014 Hollywood film 'The Discount in Our Stars'. The adaptive story of Suprotim Sengupta is simple and clear. The adaptive screenplay of superhero Sen Gupta is entertaining and the characters and their journey are well presented. Shashank Khaitan's adapted dialogues are funny and interactive and feature film touches. Abhimanyu Veer's scene is quite sharp.

The first film directed by Mukesh Chhabra's got off to a good start. She deserves praise for her easy love with the characters. However, in the second half, the film falls apart. But this is a minor flaw as the film has regained its momentum even before its rise. But of course you will need a laxative box to clean your wet eyes from here.

The heart is only 1 hour 41 minutes long and it does not waste your time at all. The first scene also focuses on the characters and cancer. The opening 8-10 minutes is fine, but when Kazi and Mani meet, interest in the film grows. Mani's character is quite funny and naughty, which has added entertainment to the film. Two scenes become the life of the film, one is 'Serial Killer, Serial Fracture' between Kazi and Mani and the other is when Mani is watching National Geographic Channel with Kazi's family. The scene of Mani and Kazi's father in the second half is touching. The Paris sequel is a bit unexpected, but it has a lot of good scenes. The final scene of the film is heartbreaking. It shows the reality of both Sushant's real life and real life and that Sushant is no longer with us. It is amazing to see Kenny's last formal speech in front of Many.

Dil Poor is a film by Sushant Singh Rajput, not because he is not really in this world but because he has touched a different level of talent in it. His character is written very well to increase his attract. He makes you laugh in many scenes but in the finale he makes everyone's eyes moist. For many fans of Sushant, it truly is going be difficult to check this out moment. Sanjana Sanghi is perfect for her debut. She leaves a strong impression in her. And his gestures and acting count seeing in many scenes, especially in the end. Saswat Chatterjee looks cute. Swastika Mukherjee looks very good and does her part well. although, Her change of heart towards Manny seems a bit not related. Sahil Vaid (JP) is as reliable as possible. Saif Ali Khan looks quite cool in the cameo. Subhalakshmi (Manny's maternal grandmother) seems cute and wishes that it could have been interesting to know her and Manny's relationship if she had a much more screen time on her part. Sunit Tandon (Dr. Jha) suits his measure. Michael Muthu (Manny's father) and Raji Vijay Sarathi (Manny's mother) have not do. Durgesh Kumar (rickshaw driver) is fine. 

AR Rahman's music coincides without the pain . film and its changing mood. The title tabs on the film is splendid and being in one shot makes it very much special. 'Main Tumara' is actually definitely an important song in the film and will easily climb anyone's tongue. 'Taare Gin' is beautifully composed and shot. 'Afrida' is played for only several minutes, but gives an appealing feeling. 'Mushkari', 'Khulke Jeena Ka' and 'Mera Naam Kiji' are also quite. AR Rahman has a better background score and makes an impact. 

The cinematography of Sethu is so spectacular so it captures Jamshedpur and Paris quite well. The production design of Amit Ray and Subrata Chakraborty speaks. The gathering of broken old vehicles near the lake provides nice touch to the film's story. The costumes of Natasha Charak and Nikita Raheja Mohanty are attractive. Arif Sheikh does not have problem in editing. 
Overall, Dil Poor is often a film full of strong emotions that has a trump card that goes perfectly in its support. This film will bring tears to the eye area. Thumbs up Dil Bechara for our fans of Hindi cinema and Sushant Singh Rajput. Do check it out