Best computer for games and work - best gaming PC

The best computer Universal computing technology can be a great helper at school and at work, and the best gaming PC is a great way to spend your free time. A good gaming PC (personal electronic computer) is in almost every home. New models come every year. In our article, you can learn how the best computers are different. In our article, you can find out what are the top 10 best desktop computer, as well as their features.

Best computer for games and work  -  best gaming PC
Best computer for games and work - best gaming PC

Desktop and laptop computers

When choosing a computer, you can choose a desktop or portable model. Each of them has both positive and negative features.

Best desktop computer are dynamic and do not limit battery life. Such models can be upgraded. For example, connecting to a larger hard disk or a more powerful video card.

Consumers often prefer a compact PC. They have a stylish design and do not take up much space. A best desktop computer can be connected to a TV or audio system.

The best desktop features are its promise; the usable function depends on the cost setting of the device. Entry-level PC buyers will cost less than 20,000 rubles. However, even the most budget model is more powerful.

Which computer is better for you? A portable PC (laptop) also has many advantages. Not only can it be carried around the house, but you can also be taken to study or work. Due to its compact size, the laptop does not take up much space. For safer and more comfortable dishes, experts recommend buying a special bag.

Apple iMac and MacMini

Apple imac pro i7 4k has a bright IPS screen. The main advantage of this computer is simplicity. The PC includes a built-in screen, speaker and wireless keyboard and mouse. Apple has a huge selection of imac pro refurbished computers. You can choose between budget and more expensive models, which will easily open the best game of the year. The computer has a stylish design. It starts at 80,000 rubles.

If you want to buy the best desktop computer from the company, but you do not have much money, we recommend paying attention to the Mac Mini. Despite the budget, it is quite powerful. The design of the device, at least in style, fits perfectly into any interior.

The computer is running PSX. However, if desired, you can install Windows. It should be noted that the upgrade of Apple technology is almost impossible. That is why prior decisions need to be made for these purposes of computer use. Such a device costs 40,000 rubles. In our article, you can find out what are the top 10 best desktop computer, as well as their features.

Acer revo one

The acer revo one was released last year. Its design is reminiscent of the Apple Mac Pro. This model has up to three hard drives. This device can be upgraded and additional drives can be installed. Computers can be purchased in a variety of configurations. Depending on the model, the device can be installed up to 500 GB HDD or SDD with a capacity of 128 GB. The device costs 28,000 rubles.

acer revo one is a multimedia computer. It's not the most powerful processor, so not all games will work properly. acer revo one is a good computer for work. It supports a wireless network, so it can be placed in any comfortable room.


HP Pavilion Mini

The HP Pavilion Mini best computer documentation provided by us will give you the opportunity to choose the most suitable device for a short period of time. The HP Pavilion Mini is a small best computer that is great for student or office work. The device does not meet the requirements of the gamer. The operating system of the PC is Windows 8. The computer has two cores. Its processor frequency is 1.6 GHz. The computer is equipped with 8 GB RAM. The HP Pavilion Mini may be an optional alternative to the Apple Mac Mini. One of the major benefits is the possibility of connecting two monitors. The device is missing the optical drive. For effective cooling, a radial fan is installed in the PC. Includes power supply. A computer weighs 600 grams.

dell inspiron 15 3000

The dell inspiron 15 3000 is a mini PC. It has a dual core processor and 8 GB of memory. By purchasing this model, you get everything you need for full use, including a monitor, speaker and processor. You can make your computer more powerful for an additional fee. The computer display has a 19.5-inch screen. Alternatively, you can choose a model with or without touch input. It is quite easy to work with computers, because the screen is flexible. It can bend within 20 degrees. The computer is thin and light, so it can be carried around the house.

Brandstar "Extreme"

Not all great best gaming PC are suitable for gaming. A brand star is a computer that will definitely appeal to gamers. The device includes a six-core processor and a built-in accelerator. Storage capacity is 240 GB, and the hard drive has 2 TB of memory. The body is precisely designed. However, she still looks very stylish. The computer has the maximum performance of a complete set for all indicators. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty to the buyer. The only downside to computers is the high cost. However, its quality is reasonable. On such a device, any game will work without complaint. The price of a PC starts from 150,000 rubles. The device topped the list of best gaming PC of the Year for Gamers. If you are a fan of new games, this PC will definitely appeal to you.

RIWER 4422

Most powerful PCs are quite expensive. If you are looking for a low-cost best gaming device then River 4422 is the best gaming PC for you. The device has four cores. The computer is equipped with a powerful processor, so it will be suitable for many new games. The video card has 4 GB.

The computer can easily play QHD resolution games. One of the many benefits is a licensed version of Windows 10. The included disk is attached to the device to reinstall the operating system. It is easy enough because the user does not have to shop any further. Thanks to that, you can save a lot of money. The device looks stylish and has a backlight. A computer costs 80,000 rubles.